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    HBC Donates Murals to Museum of Manitoba

    HBC donates a piece of local history in celebration of 40/20 anniversaries.

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    This year marks the anniversary of two special events in the history of the Hudson’s Bay Company and the Province of Manitoba. It is the 40th anniversary of the transfer of the HBC Archives from London, England to Manitoba.  It is also the 20th anniversary of their donation to the Archives of Manitoba and of the HBC Museum Collection to The Manitoba Museum.  To celebrate, HBC recently announced the donation of two historic murals that used to hang in HBC’s downtown Winnipeg store to the Museum. To learn more about the donation and the anniversaries, check out this article from the Winnipeg Free Press, HBC’s press release, and a video produced by Canada’s History. 

    Adam Sheriff Scott and Edward Tappan Adney. The Pioneer at Fort Garry, 1861. Adam Sheriff Scott and Edward Tappan Adney. The Pioneer at Fort Garry, 1861. © The Manitoba Museum. 

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    In Focus

    Lordes & Proprietors

    The original investors in Hudson's Bay Company were financiers, noblemen and men active in the highest circles of business and the Royal Court.

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    Did you know?

    …that in 1670, one voting share in the Company was issued for every £100 worth of stock? This is specified in the HBC Charter.

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    Why Fifth may be Where You Want to Be …

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