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    Arctic Visions

    Two films about Canada’s north: one went on to worldwide fame, the other was forgotten.

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    In 1918 filmmaker Robert Flaherty presented footage he had filmed of life in the North to the New York Geographical Society in hopes of receiving funds to help with the expensive process of transferring the film back to negatives (Flaherty had accidently lit 30,000 feet of flammable negatives on fire, leaving him with only a single print in bad condition). Bruno Weyers, HBC’s agent in New York, was in the audience at the screening. He loved the film so much he suggested HBC use it for their upcoming 250th anniversary.

    HBC liked the idea but instead of using Flaherty’s footage the Company decided to produce its own. HBC purchased the film company Educational Films and selected H.M. Wyckoff as the chief cinematographer on the project they called a “moving picture expedition”. The final film, entitled Romance of the Far Fur Country, premiered in 1920 during the 250th anniversary celebrations in Winnipeg.

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    In Focus

    Lordes & Proprietors

    The original investors in Hudson's Bay Company were financiers, noblemen and men active in the highest circles of business and the Royal Court.

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    Did you know?

    …that in 1670, one voting share in the Company was issued for every £100 worth of stock? This is specified in the HBC Charter.

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    Six Degrees of Separation

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