The Kelsey Ecological Society (KES) has erected a plaque, accompanied by an HBC flag, in honour of Henry Kelsey’s journey through the area. The plaque is part of the Saskatchewan History and Folklore Society’s Local Historical Markers program. It was truly a Preeceville community effort with the land given by a local farmer, and site work, rock moving and the affixing of the plaque to the rock all donated by local people.

Henry Kelsey, an explorer for the Hudson’s Bay Company, was the first European to reach the prairies in 1690-1691. Thirty years later he became Governor of Rupert’s Land, in charge of all HBC posts in North America. Today, we know more about the route of his journey thanks to his journals, only discovered in 1926.

The plaque is located by the Lilian River on Highway 49/9 between the towns of Preeceville and Sturgis, about 300 km east of Saskatoon.

Officially 'opened‘ September 15, 2012 the monument originally flew a Canadian flag. After HBC Heritage Services donated an HBC flag, the KES installed a taller flag pole.  The HBC flag flew for the first time July 18, 2014.