Hudson’s Bay Company has a new Heritage Charity Bear - Maud!  Each year HBC produces a plush bear with 100% of the proceeds going to the HBC Foundation, a charitable organization which supports programs to improve the lives of Canadians. For the 10th anniversary Bear, HBC selected the name Maud, in honour of Maud Watt, “The Angel of Hudson’s Bay”.  Maud and her husband, HBC factor James Watt, played a large role in preserving the beaver population in the James Bay region, which was important to the economy of the local Cree. In 1930 Maud petitioned the Quebec government and received 7,200 square miles for a beaver preserve. The success of the Watts’ initiative spawned other HBC preserves in the North West Territories and Ontario. You can purchase Maud in Hudson’s Bay stores throughout Canada or online.